Rinjani Trekking Package Information

Rinjani Trekking Package and Information to Mount Rinjani Lombok 3.726 meters above sea level which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia and trekking to Mount Tambora Sumbawa 2.851 m asl. We organize Rinjani trekking package with special service to our trekker or everyone who climbing the mountain with our experienced guide and porter, good quality trekking equipment, excellent foods and services.

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Mount Rinjani National Park

The volcano and the caldera are protected by the Gunung Rinjani National Park established in 1997. Tourism is increasingly popular with trekkers able to visit the rim, make their way into the caldera or even to make the more arduous climb to the highest point; fatalities, however, are not unheard of. In July 2009 the summit route was closed due to volcanic activity at that time and subsequently reopened when the activity decreased. During early 2010 up to and including May 2010 access to Rinjani was at times again restricted due to volcanic activity.

The park is popular for mountain climbs, Rinjani trekkings and represents an important nature reserve and water catchement area. The park is officially 41,330 hectares within the park boundaries and includes a further 66,000 hectares of protected forest outside. The mountain and its satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Park officially 41,000 hectares within the park boundaries and a further 66,000 hectares of protected forest outside. In 2008, the Indonesian government proposed to UNESCO that Mount Rinjani be one of the world’s official geoparks. If this was approved by UNESCO, Mount Rinjani would become the first such geological park in Indonesia.

It has been claimed that the preliminary documentation required for UNESCO registration has not received sufficient support from the Nusa Teggara Barat government offices. Among the requirements to become a geo-park sufficient information must be supplied to show that the location has sufficient and appropriate management, information services, access to educational instruction to facilitate “knowledge-based geotourism”, the implementation of a sustainable regional economy, biodiversity conservation, and to have established public access to the park area.

Mount Rinjani has obtained the World Legacy Award from Conservation International and Traveller (2004), and was a finalist for Tourism for Tomorrow Awards (2005 and 2008) from the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC).
Rinjani owl was found in 2003 and after 10 years evidence research is recognized as a new endemic owl (before it, in 19th century is recognized as Mollucas owl)

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Rinjani Trekking Package and Information

High mountain with a peak 3,726 meters above sea level , along the Lake Segara Anak , New Volcano (Gunung Baru Jari) and hot springs water are very stunning and natural scenery is really difficult to describe its beauty give an incentive for the adventurers , hikers , nature lovers and tourists from foreign countries to come climb Mountain . We have set up Rinjani Trekking Package to climbing mountain from 3 official ascent route : Sembalun , Senaru and Tetebatu by using the Local Guide and Porter from third ascent route, which already has decades experienced of climbing Mount Rinjani and always ready to assist , accompany and guide you with great suave together when climbing Rinjani mountain until finish your program . We also prepared climbing equipment with best quality,excellent service foods during the trek and always fist your safety during the Rinjani trek package with us. read more

Rinjani Trekking Package from Tetebatu

Tetebatu Rinjani Trek program is climbing mount rinjani from eastern side of mount rinjani to Pelawangan Tetebatu 2.650 m and possible climb to 2nd Summit (east summit) of Mount Rinjani 3.500 m asl. Rinjani Tambora Trek also organized Rinjani Trekking Programs to climbing the mountain from Tetebatu for 3 Days 2 Nights. read more

Tambora Trekking Package

Mount Tambora trek is an active stratovolcano located on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. The mountain is located in the two districts, namely Dompu (mostly feet south to the west side of the sea, and the Bima district (south side of the slope to the northwest, and the feet to the east side of the peak to the north), West Nusa Tenggara Province. Rinjani Tambora Trek guiding and organize program Tambora trek to Mount Tambora and explore Moyo Island, Satonda Island and Sumbawa for 8 days and can be modified to suit your needs read more

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Gili Kondo Tour

Gili Kondo Tour is explore or Camping on a small island located in the Sambelia District, 50 km north of Selong. It can be reached from the Sambelia Transat coast by boat in about 25 minutes, or from the port of Pelabuhan Lombok Kayangan in about 45 minutes. Although the beach at Transat is a black sand beach, at Gili Kondo and some of the surrounding islands the beaches are beautiful white sand with unspoiled views and tranquil waters. In this virtually uninhabited island, we can enjoy the underwater world with activities such as snorkelling, fishing and swimming read more

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